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『The 6 Habits of Growth』のカバーアート

The 6 Habits of Growth

著者: Brendon Burchard
ナレーター: Brendon Burchard


¥ 3,700 で購入

¥ 3,700 で購入



The world’s leading high-performance coach and multiple New York Times best-selling author Brendon Burchard delivers the six habits of personal growth that will help you create the life of your dreams. 

Those six habits are: 

Motivation: Discover the three keys to lasting motivation. Learn how to diagnose and combat burnout. Find out the daily habits that increase motivation—and make them part of your morning routine.  

Focus: Assess where you stand with respect to the 10 main areas of life—mental health, physical health, family, friends, finances, mission, spirit, adventure, learning, and growth—and commit to the desired improvements. Leverage the habit formation process. Capture daily insights via journaling and habit tracking.  

Confidence: We all face self-doubt. Start to embrace it as a signal to learn—to prepare more, to get better, to ready yourself. Think of it as a catalyst, not an inhibitor. Step into your authenticity to feel more comfortable in social situations.  

Energy: Learn revving and renewal practices that will fuel you for the life you want to lead. Drill down on meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep in an entirely new way.  

Purpose: Don’t think that you have to have only one. Learn to make purpose smaller. Translate it into purposeful living—the everyday “points of purpose” that present opportunities for meaning and service..    

Leadership: Discover how to enlist and persuade others to support your ideas; how to deal with conflict; and how to get everyone around you to perform at their best.

Forged from Brendon Burchard’s personal experiences, data from his GrowthDay app, and his many years as a high-performance coach, The 6 Habits of Growth presents the tools you need to construct the life of your dreams. Full of practical examples and narrated by Brendon Burchard himself, The 6 Habits of Growth is an Audible Original designed to get you unstuck and headed in the right direction.

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