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『How to Speak Effectively in Any Setting』のカバーアート

How to Speak Effectively in Any Setting

著者: Molly Bishop Shadel, The Great Courses
ナレーター: Molly Bishop Shadel


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¥4,300 で購入



The power of an effective speech is undeniable. It has the capacity to engage, inform, motivate, and create change in an audience - and in the world. In this compelling 24-lesson course, How to Speak Effectively in Any Setting, taught by Molly Bishop Shadel, Professor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law, learn the fine art of speaking clearly, effectively, and persuasively in contexts across the spectrum, from the board room to the bar room and everywhere in between. 

With an eye toward the role of ethos, pathos, and logos in effective writing and presentation, Professor Shadel helps you organize and construct a speech in ways that are different from what you might write for other purposes. Focusing on timing and environment in audience experience, you will learn to structure and deliver speeches that your audience can easily follow. Practice, preparation, and some tricks from the actor’s bag of tricks will support great vocal presentation with equally skilled physicality.  

Whether you are expected to deliver a eulogy, a wedding toast, a commencement speech, or a formal workplace presentation, advice and direction from Professor Shadel will guide you to success. Learn the underpinnings of effective speech writing and skilled delivery in settings both personal and professional, providing you the tools needed to appear confident and competent during all your public speaking experiences. Finish the course with a new understanding of context, occasion, purpose, and audience, prepared to craft and deliver discourse for any occasion and every situation.  

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