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『The Brain-Based Guide to Communicating Better』のカバーアート

The Brain-Based Guide to Communicating Better

著者: Professor Allison Friederichs Atkison, The Great Courses
ナレーター: Professor Allison Friederichs Atkison


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¥ 1,300 で購入



It likely comes as no surprise that, as adults, we learn differently than we did when we were children. Our brains are full of experiences and information we have acquired over time, and these resources are exactly what we apply to any new learning event, whether it’s a new job or hobby, or simply a novel experience or conversation we need to navigate. And the nature of how we learn shapes the way we communicate - both how we give and how we receive information in our everyday lives.

The field of neuroandragogy is the study of how adults learn and what role the brain plays in that process. By digging into this unique field and its discoveries, you can better understand how your own mind works and develop strategies based on this knowledge to communicate successfully in various situations and environments. As you will see, communicating with others is not just about clarity. Useful and rewarding communication is also about understanding how to grab someone’s attention and how to ensure that the information that you share can be retained and used. Knowing how the adult mind works can help you to optimize your approach in getting the results you want from your communications.

In The Brain-Based Guide to Communicating Better, Professor Allison Friederichs will walk you through six lessons that can help you better know your own mind, and thus understand and transform your own methods of communication. You will learn how your brain acquires, processes, and retains information. You can then take that knowledge and apply it whenever you need to convey something to others, with the best possible results. While you may not have any control over how other people communicate, developing your own methods of connection and conversation can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life. Along the way, Professor Friederichs encourages you to keep a communication journal that can help you learn and process the invaluable information she shares. Keeping a journal allows you to have a continual resource for both her lessons and your own observations.

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