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Mason Jar Meal Recipes

著者: Sarah Sophia
ナレーター: Becky White (The Voicing Expert)
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The Essential Kitchen Series, Book 19

Prepare something beautiful as a gift for friends or family, but it's much more than a cute's delicious as well!

You've seen them - they look stunning, but how do you do it? The Essential Kitchen Series unlocks the mystery by delivering Mason Jar Meal Recipes. Enjoy 30 quick and easy recipes that will turn any holiday into a colorful exchange of ideas and tastes.

Prepare and then pass on delicious, mouthwatering food combinations with ease and very little mess.

Learn the art of layering in a mason jar

Is it easy? Preparing a complete meal right from a single mason jar is perhaps one of the easiest forms of cooking. Ingredients are layered decoratively in the jar, given to a friend, and cooked or eaten directly. Does it sound overly simple? Yes! That's the point.

Any number of tasty combinations are possible. Once you've mastered the 30 recipes contained in this easy-to-follow cookbook, you'll astound your family and friends with your own concoctions. There is literally no way to go wrong with these wonderful recipes.

It can't be that easy

There truly are few things in life that are as easily done as first thought. That is not the case with mason jar meals. Inside this unusually simple guide, you'll learn how to make the most of your time, utilizing the tips and directions to steer you clear of the five most common mistakes.

Learn what thousands have already discovered: there is an easy and fast way to impress your family and friends - astound them, and then tell them where you got this gem of a cookbook.

Creatively prepare salads, desserts, beverages, and much more

This timely instructional guide and recipe book is the only resource you'll ever need to create mason jar meals worthy of sharing with virtually anyone.

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