The Ten Realms: A Military Portal Fantasy LitRPG Series

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The Two Week Curse あらすじ・解説

In the 10 Realms....

....the only stat that mattered was strength.

Was that about to change?

Erik knew one thing after dropping in, when he first saw the numbers before his eyes, the rumors about the "cursed" were true. He was in another world. Survival wasn’t assured.

Cultivate, get skills, grow abilities, or die.

His old life, as a combat medic, had been hard, but he had learned some valuable lessons. And he wasn’t alone. His best friend, a marine recon sniper, like always, was right by his side.

Could they figure out this fantasy world?

What does it mean to ascend?

How will they master the magic of this strange place?

You’ll love this LitRPG/Gamelit, because of the mixing of Eastern Cultivation and society with western magic and modern ideas. It will hook you from chapter one.

Get it now.

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