The Great Universal Crusade

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The Deception of the Fallen あらすじ・解説

This book contains the most complete history of the origin of the Kingdoms, the confrontations between men and beings that we thought were part of mythology, but that existed and exerted a very powerful influence on the history of mankind. A story honed by vibrant descriptions of the epic battles in the annals of history, bitter rivalries and daring rebellions that end with the coming of the promised Messiah. 

Later, after the event that split the history of the universe in two, leaving the before and after in its wake, the antagonistic forces reorganize for the dynamics of a new battle, an event that leads to the establishment of new Kingdoms and the emergence of a new strategy to wage the great universal crusade involving the three kingdoms that make up a universe unknown to the one we know.

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    • The Untold Story of The Rise and Fall of Kings (The Great Universal Crusade, Book 5)
    • 著者: Felipe Chavarro
    • ナレーター: Duane DeSalvo
    • 再生時間: 4 時間 36 分
    • 配信日: 2023/08/11
    • 言語: 英語
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  • 価格: ¥ 1,900 または、コインで購入

    販売価格: ¥ 1,900 または、コインで購入