• The Decline of the Kingdoms

  • The Untold Story of The Rise and Fall of Kings (The Great Universal Crusade, Book 5)
  • 著者: Felipe Chavarro
  • ナレーター: Duane DeSalvo
  • 再生時間: 4 時間 36 分


『The Decline of the Kingdoms』のカバーアート

The Decline of the Kingdoms

著者: Felipe Chavarro
ナレーター: Duane DeSalvo
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Are you ready to be transported to a world beyond your wildest imagination? The Decline of the Kingdoms is an audiobook experience like no other. With independent actors and state-of-the-art SFX, this audiobook will take you on a journey through the cosmos that will leave you breathless.

The never-before-seen story of the origin of the human kingdoms and their decline in the universe of the Great Universal Crusade, with tons of new content for those who wish to know the true origin of all things. About this new installment of the saga we can say that all the accumulated knowledge, all the scholarly theories and all the accumulation of popular tales, Judaic and Christian legends, are gathered here in a chronicle that begins with the Antediluvian Age and continues through to the ages of giants, nephilim, titans, and the appearance of the first hybrid men, the coming of the flood and judgment, the punishment of the hybrid beings, establishment of the Kingdom of Israel, the rebellion of man, and the repeated incursions of supernatural beings into human history. Furthermore, we can assert that all of these events are described as major triggers for the decay of human nature, which was once created to rule over all creation.

An audio comic that brings together an incredible cast of actors who will make you experience this installment like never before, with stunning sound effects and a custom soundtrack.

ISBN: 9798223061458

Title: Gregorian Chant—Music: Kevin MacLeod—License: CC BY 3.0

Soundtracks and Credit to 2023 Fesliyan Studios Inc.

Soundtracks and SFX Credit to Soundstripe Inc.

Cover designed by Rachel Bostwick

©2022 Felipe Chavarro Polania Inc (P)2023 Felipe Chavarro Polania Inc

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