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Busted Play あらすじ・解説

There's no way she's tough enough to get me into shape.

Mel: K. I'll marry you but no sex. 

Me: Nice. Need 2 know 1 more thing.

Mel: ?

Me: Your name?

Mel: Melanie Sanders

Me: Can I call you Mel?

Mel: No!

Me: K, C U later, Mel

When my physical therapist's ex locks her out and takes everything she owns, I want to help. However, a recent, unfortunate incident has social media all over me. Risking all, I offer her cold, hard, cash but she refuses, suggesting I'm trying to buy her sexual favors.

Now she's got this ridiculous idea she can get back on her feet with a wedding. A fake marriage might be just the thing to sweeten my side of a million-dollar deal so I agree. Everything would've worked out fine except for her sweet baby-blues. The minute they focus on me, I'm never letting her go.

Note: This series contains heated scenes, swearing, no cheating, and hard-won, happily-ever-afters.

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