Mail Order Brides of Missouri

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The Irish Orphan Bride あらすじ・解説

Having no family, Jade MacKenna answers a mail order bride advert and travels across the ocean from Ireland to America to meet her intended. Taking the Express Rail to Rough Creek, Missouri, with her future husband, Mike Summerfield, they get caught in a holdup led by the notorious bandit, Hank Bentley. Things turn tragic, and Jade finds herself left alone in a strange land, with her fiancé dying in her arms.

US Marshal Hugo Rhode has been tracking the Bentley gang for months. When his friend Mike is caught in the crossfire, Hugo is charged with caring for Jade. He takes her home to his parents in Rough Creek, and they find that the troubles they’ve been through have drawn them together in ways neither could have imagined.

But Hugo has been burned by love before - and long ago swore to never let himself be hurt like that again. With the Bentley gang out for blood, Hugo and Jade struggle with their feelings for each other, fighting to stay alive and to stay safe and, despite it all, to stay together.

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