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The game's afoot once more—in the classic radio style! Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson roam the fog-shrouded streets of London in new adventures produced by Jim French, fully authorized by the Conan Doyle estate. 

John Gilbert stars as Holmes, with Larry Albert as Watson, in tales of international intrigue, priceless jewels, bank robberies, and beheadings. Listen in as the World's Only Consulting Detective puts his powers of deduction to the test!

Episodes Include: The Poet of Death 03-08-1998; The Sealed Room 06-21-1998; The Adventure of the Blind Man 07-12-1998; The Woman from Virginia 08-02-1998; The Adventure of the Seven Shares 09-20-1998; The Adventure of the Painted Leaf 10-25-1998; The Secret of the Fives 11-29-1998; The Quartermaine Curse 02-14-1999; The Adventure of the Bishop's Ring 04-18-1999; The Adventure of the Samovar 08-08-1999; The Adventure of the Red Death 09-26-1999; The Adventure of the Silver Siphon 10-31-1999; The Dark Chamber 02-27-2000; The Ragwort Puzzle 03-26-2000; The Adventure of the Mind Reader 04-16-2000; The Gambrinus Cure 07-02-2000; The Billingsgate Horror 10-29-2000; The Adventure of the Missing Link 11-16-2000; The Adventure of the Edison Sender 03-25-2001; The Estonian Countess 05-27-2001.

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The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Poet of Death & Other Mysteriesに寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • IzzyT
  • 2022/07/01

The best!

Aside from the original works, this is the best Sherlock Holmes story's out there! From the story lines to the voice actors and sound effects absolutely amazing!