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Are you ready for a Minecraft crazy adventure? Sounds like you need the village teenage spy by your side! 

In this funny action series, we get to listen to the diary of a real Minecraft spy.

Sam Cooper is 14 years old, and things aren't always as blocky and bright as they seem. Enemies aren't easy to run from and mobs are very, very hard to kill.

They are now facing a threat from their biggest enemy yet!. They have somehow found themselves in a war between Kin.Enderman against Enderman.

Along with his friends, his dragon, and his cat, Sammy is about 85 percent sure that they will succeed. The other 15 percent is split in two: five percent doubt and 10 percent nervous sneezes.

On a mission to rescue his uncle, Sammy and friends have to enter the Netherworld to find the right tools.

Will the gang be too late to save his uncle.

Will Nocte's fire farts get them into trouble?

But can he and his friends survive the terror that follows the Endermen wherever they go?

Get ready to dive into the crazy world of Minecraft to find out!

So what are we waiting for?

Let's get stuck in!

Diary of a Minecraft Teenage Spy: Journey to the End will have any kid who loves Minecraft, video games, and school adventures be on the edge of their seats. If you have a superhero in training who loves a hilarious action packed adventure, this story's a surefire way to keep any young kid enthralled

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Be warned: This book contains fire farts and sneezes!

This book is not an official Minecraft product and has not been approved by or associated with Mojang. The author, Sammy Spy, and Caroline Treanor International Books is not Mojang and not associated with Mojang and is not supported by Mojang. 

©2020 Caroline Anne Dosanjh (P)2020 Caroline Anne Dosanjh

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