『Double Time』のカバーアート

Double Time

著者: Corinna Clendenen
ナレーター: Carol Monda, Jay Snyder, Joan Esposito, Mick Lauer, Jack Riccobono, Steven Brezzo, Linda Jones, Corinna Clendenen


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¥1,700 で購入



Could you use another life? This is the story of a woman who has the courage to reinvent herself. Heirs to the Jackson textile mill, designer Dani and her singer/songwriter twin Dylan feel free to follow the siren call of the music world - until they’re interrupted by a car accident. With Dani behind the wheel, her father ends up on a stretcher. Youthful free spirits cut short, Dani swaps her fringed jacket for a business suit, the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the Brandenburg concertos.

Marrying attending physician Gunner Nygård seems a good move until a fertility quest reveals his hidden agenda. But the golden handcuffs of Dr. Gunner can’t hold Dani forever. Overworked and under loved, Dani hears a new tune, one that leads her where few will dare to follow.

Imbedded in this audiobook, seven songs underscore the unfolding events of the novel’s seven parts. Throughout, music is the freeing agent, the energizing constant, the consoling balm.

Double Time is a love story, set to music. With special thanks to the musicians, publishers, and recording studios whose cooperative efforts paved the way for the inclusion of the following songs: "Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend, "Ain’t Nobody’s Business" by Susan Tedeschi, "Daniella" by The John Butler Trio, "Polaroid Solution" by Faded Paper Figures, "Not Your Lover Anymore" by Blitzen Trapper, "Vienna" by Matt Costa, and "Untold by Pete Francis".

©2010 Corinna Clendenen (P)2011 Corinna Clendenen


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