Suzanne Burkett

Suzanne Burkett

Suzanne was born in New Jersey, USA. She began writing fiction at the age of nine. She first traveled to Europe at sixteen and immediately felt at home in the old world. The memories in the ancient stones spoke to her. The setting for, "City of Dreams" draws on her European travels. She belongs to the WFSC Writer’s Foundation of Sherwood Park based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada where she attends events and shares ideas with authors from the UK and Canada. "City of Dreams" delves into the heart and soul of human nature, mystical beliefs, and desires as old as human existence. It touches on the wisdom and intuition of our ancestors and their appreciation for food, wine and love. In her earlier book, "How to Get Along with Yourself and Others: Wit and Wisdom for Natural Living," she shares ideas and information that help make everyday life fun and interesting again. The book is presented in an easy to read format that doesn't require reading from start to finish. The casual reader can open the book to any page and find an interesting topic presented with humor and wisdom. "Life is a Piece of Pie in Your Eye: Slice of Life Stories" is a collection of thirty quirky short stories to read for fun while on the run, or during a quiet evening at home. Her children's eBooks include: "The Journey of the Raindrop" a short inspirational story about life experienced by the element of water. In "Still Waters" the Little Raindrop's adventures and escapades continue. "Love Poems" is a collection of her poems and photographs. She lives with her family on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe where she spends much of her time outside in the wilderness listening, observing, and collecting ideas.
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