Wonder Cats Mystery

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A Hiss-Tory of Magic あらすじ・解説

From USA Today best-selling author Harper Lin: a paranormal mystery series about magic cats and modern-day witches.

Cath Greenstone, her cousin, Bea, and her hippie aunt, Astrid, live in Wonder Falls, a small town near the mystical Niagara Falls. They run the Brew-Ha-Ha café, and naturally, they're witches hiding in plain sight along with their three magical cats, Treacle, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallow.

When Brew-Ha-Ha's baker is burnt to a crisp, along with their beloved café, Aunt Astrid lets out a big family secret: A powerful spell book, a Greenstone heirloom from the Salem days, has been stolen from its secret hiding spot in the café. If it's fallen into the wrong hands, black magic could destroy not only Wonder Falls but the world.

A secret society.... A new detective with a shady past.... A once-bullied local returning to town as a multimillionaire.

Who in town could know Cath's family secret? Cath, Bea, and Astrid must use their witch powers to uncover the deadly truth. Cath communicates with their cats, also magically inclined, and they help uncover more than one secret lurking in wonderful Wonder Falls.

Fans are loving this charming, original, and spooky paranormal mystery series.

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