The Tagger Herd

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The Tagger Herd あらすじ・解説

Newly widowed Cora Smith has learned her late husband may have purchased animals, but she hasn't been home since before his death. A business card from his wallet leads her to call the Tagger family horse stables for help. It's the phone call that changes the Tagger family forever.

Dru Tagger volunteers her nieces, her nephew, and the stable manager's son to ride with her to check on the woman's remote Idaho property. What they find leads them into a desperate race to rescue a small herd of horses. They fight to keep them alive and unravel the mystery of why he bought the horses without telling anyone. And what is Cora's Gift?

The first book introduces the Tagger family and tells how the horses were rescued. Each book after is from a different family member's point of view and follows the rehabilitation of the horses and how the horses change their lives.

©2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Gini Roberge (P)2017 Gini Roberge
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  • 4

    『Sadie Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 5

    『Reilly Morgan』のカバーアート

  • 6

    『Matt Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 7

    『Grace Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 8

    『Nora Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 9

    『Changing Times: Nikki Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 10

    『Almost or Finally: Wade Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 11

    『Epic: Reilly Morgan』のカバーアート

  • 12

    『Heart & Soul: Sadie Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 13

    『Rescue or Recover: Matt Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 14

    『Three Horses and a Dream: Nora Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 15

    『The Past and the Future: Grace Tagger』のカバーアート

  • 16

    『Josey Franklin』のカバーアート