The Daughters of War Trilogy

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Born to War: Future Divide あらすじ・解説

Have you ever wondered why there is no real magic in our world anymore, yet our legends are full of it? Where did it all go?

It is the year 2973, and Planet Sentia on the other side of the galaxy is a home to humans and other beings able to wield magic. They had been forcefully exiled there from Earth and settled the new world before starting a new war.

Among them is Kordon Elenius - handsome, rugged, and one of the most powerful mages in that world - who remembers Earth, even though it has been almost 2,000 years since coming to Sentia. In his extremely long life, he had never thought of having a family, until now. But his gifts and timeless experience couldn't prepare him for his most recent change in life: becoming a husband and a father.

Just when his second child is about to be born, his vision for the future becomes threatened as he has to escape a deadly trap and protect his pregnant wife Dianne.

Discover a portion of the fantastic new world of Sentia in the first installment of the Future Divide universe. Epic adventures await!

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