The Buza System

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Crecheling あらすじ・解説

Buza System is Dyan’s world. 

She has been a Crecheling, one of the System’s children, trained in a broad range of skills and knowledge and prepared to take her place as an Urbane, a full-fledged adult member of the desert community with a Calling given to her by the System and its Cogitant Council. 

Between receiving her Calling and admission into the System, though, stand the Hanging and the Selection. The System has a lesson it wants to teach Dyan about death. Against that brutal experience, and entwined within it, destiny has a different lesson for her, about the family she has never known…and about love. 

Crecheling is book one of The Buza System, a dark science fiction tale for young adults and other listeners set in the crumbling ruins and blasted deserts of a future in which all people are not created equal and control is exerted by savage rituals of blood.

©2013 D. J. Butler (P)2018 WordFire Press LLC
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