The Beautifully Broken Series

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Finding Beautiful あらすじ・解説

I was damaged. Broken. I had given up on men.

But when I stumbled upon a sleek Jaguar and a man beneath its hood, I was instantly drawn to him.

He was electric. He was undeniably attractive. But worst of all? He wanted me. I knew I was in trouble. But somehow, I trusted him.

“Breathe, Aria. Christ, please, just breathe for me.”

Gavin came into my life like a hurricane, turning my world on its head. I didn’t want to fall for him, but it was inevitable. From the moment we met, he claimed my heart. I knew he would do whatever it took to protect it.

When the shadows I fought so hard to escape threatened to tear us apart, could the love we had found be enough to persevere? Or would our fight be in vain?

"I'm going to give you the world, beautiful. This is only the beginning."

©2017 Amanda Kaitlyn (P)2019 Amanda Kaitlyn
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    販売価格: ¥ 2,500 または、コインで購入

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    • The Beautifully Broken, Book 2
    • 著者: Amanda Kaitlyn
    • ナレーター: Lexi Evans
    • 再生時間: 7 時間 46 分
    • 配信日: 2020/09/23
    • 言語: 英語
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    価格: ¥ 2,500 または、コインで購入

    販売価格: ¥ 2,500 または、コインで購入

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    販売価格: ¥ 900 または、コインで購入

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    • The Beautifully Broken, Book 4
    • 著者: Amanda Kaitlyn
    • ナレーター: Irene Adler
    • 再生時間: 7 時間 44 分
    • 配信日: 2021/08/04
    • 言語: 英語
    • レビューはまだありません。

    価格: ¥ 2,500 または、コインで購入

    販売価格: ¥ 2,500 または、コインで購入

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    『Unwrapping Lucas』のカバーアート

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    『Saving Tayla』のカバーアート