Scalpel's Cut

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Scalpel's Cut あらすじ・解説

After Dr. Erik "VJ" Brio is summoned to operate on his partner's maimed hand, he discovers that a seemingly omnipotent shadow organization, the Cooperative, is committing fraud on a massive scale at the hospital. VJ is pulled unwillingly into a collision of medical and criminal worlds.

The Cooperative will take any steps necessary to maintain control. Desperate to save himself and those he loves, he joins forces with a brazen yet compassionate medical student, Tess Risdall, to navigate a way out.

All of the author’s proceeds from sales of this book go directly to Doctors Without Borders.  

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    • 著者: Richard Brown
    • ナレーター: Reed Rudy
    • 再生時間: 7 時間 56 分
    • 配信日: 2019/01/14
    • 言語: 英語
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    『Scalpel's Plunge: End of the Party』のカバーアート
    • Scalpel's Plunge: End of the Party

    • Scalpel's Cut, Book 2
    • 著者: Richard Brown