Saphera Nyx

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Detached あらすじ・解説

She robbed her brother of his destiny. Now she’s stuck with a dangerous power she can’t ignore, can’t control, and frighteningly - can’t resist. 

I was born on the wrong side of the law - literally delivered on the floor of the state women’s prison. 

My mother sees spirits. My father could become one at will. Together, they were among the most dangerous crime couples in history. 

I’ve spent the last three decades trying not to live up to my DNA’s potential. Now my father is dead, and his “gift” has wrongly passed to me. 

All I want is freedom from my dark family legacy, but my father’s death opened a gateway, unleashing a bloodthirsty enemy. And as much as I hate this new power within me, it might be the only way to save the city I’ve sworn to protect.

©2020 Elicia Hyder (P)2021 Elicia Hyder
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