Norman Lords

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Her Norman Lord あらすじ・解説

With England under a new king, faithful warriors and commanders are being titled as new barons and are being granted new lands. But some of these titles and lands come with a price. As the son of a former slave turned warrior, Adrian DeLyon is the Shadow of Death, and King William's head commander. And now he has been given the mission of securing the Kildenry Earldom, but he will need two things. A marriage and an heir. The feared warrior called the King's Shadow has been rewarded for his undying service to his king, but will he make a good lord and master to his new people and his wife? Being related to the late king by blood and part of the royal family, even a distant member, the king wants Sarina and her people under his control. When her new lord is in trouble she saves him, but can he save her when it matters most?

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