Magical Beasts

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Guardian, The Choice: A Magical Beasts Action Adventure Fantasy あらすじ・解説

Two teens race to the Amazon jungle to save their parents, and find themselves in a battle to save a magical world.

Seventeen-year-old Sam Green thinks her life is pretty normal. Almost. She does have weird dreams. And a mysterious staff in her closet.

But Sam’s life is shattered when a dragon poisons her father and the mother of her best friend, Jake. With only two days to find an antidote, Sam is shocked when a shapeshifting giant cat and powerful faerie show up to help.

A diabolical magical creature in the Amazon can save the teen’s parents, but he wants Sam’s help to conquer a parallel world full of fantastic creatures. Sam will have to choose: Save their parents, or save an entire world. And Jake has already made his choice....

Will Sam embrace her destiny as a guardian?

Can she master the supernatural staff, WhipEye?

Can Sam defeat an unbeatable beast and still save their parents?

Guardian: The Choice is the first book in the thrilling Magical Beasts YA fantasy series. If you love fantasy thrillers with nonstop action, powerful heroines, quirky tough heroes, and a slew of not-so-friendly magical beasts, you will love Guardian: The Choice!

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