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Forget Nothing あらすじ・解説

She Chose the Hardest Way

The daughter of a Legion war hero, fighting was in Andien Broxin's blood. But the battles Republic marines face on strange and alien worlds are a far cry from the vaunted, brutal, no-holds-barred conflicts fought at the edge of the galaxy by the elite legionnaires. 

Until a devastating war erupts right in the Republic’s stellar backyard. 

Newly stationed on a mid-core planet being harassed by terrorist revolutionaries, Andien and her fellow “hullbusters” find themselves right in the middle of a desperate fight for survival. All their training, standards, discipline - all the hard paths - have led to this. If she and her fellow marines are to come out of this alive, Andien will have to find out who she truly is...and what she can become. 

Best-selling military science fiction author Jason Anspach and USMC/US Army veteran Michelle C. Meyers explore the rigors of combat, survival, and the human will in this edge-of-your-seat account set in the Galaxy’s Edge universe.

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