Eternal Mates Immortal Dating Site

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Immortal Flame あらすじ・解説

Vampire romance. Spin-off from The Bound Series. Each audiobook is a stand-alone listen about a different couple who meet through Eternal Mates, the immortal dating site.

Disclaimer: Although a stand-alone, if you are listening to the Bound Series, this audiobook should be listened to after Light up the Moon, book four and before Magic in the Moon, book five to get the best out of it.

What happens when your friend signs you up to a dating site? You end up with a date, one who’s a little more than you expected.

That’s what happens to Jill Henderson when her best friend Amanda Nolan signs her up with Eternal Mates, not understanding that it’s for immortals.

All Jill wants is a man with whom she has something in common...a faithful and not too good-looking man...a man that isn’t too young or over the hill. What she gets is something a whole lot more and drop dead gorgeous to boot.

Leonard Smyth has been duped by Luc Beauregard, his once best friend. Now he’s got to date a woman he’s never met...not only that, but he must take her on five dates, and not sleep with her.

It should be easy, right? Wrong. Especially when the woman he’s now dating is not only a human but also has no idea that he is, in fact, a vampire. What’s worse, his glamour is working too well and women are throwing themselves at him...well, apart from Jill.

The women he can handle, but Jill, now she’s an enigma. Leonard is shocked to find that Jill is a woman he would actually be happy to spend time with...and not just for a bang and bail. Now all he needs to do is keep his promise - and his hands to himself - or he forfeits the chance to heal the rift in his friendship with Luc.

Surely it’s an absolute doddle for a man who’s nearly 500 years old? Well, it would be if he wasn’t trying to prove to Jill that he did, in fact, find her more attractive than the ones he’d turned away.

Contains profanity, humor, and adult sex scenes.

©2017 JF Holland Author (P)2020 JF Holland Author
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