Cowboy Mountain Christmas

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Dreaming of Her Best Friend's Kiss あらすじ・解説

Blakley Barclay knows her parents are up to something. They’ve been matching all her siblings and even some other people in her hometown of Mistletoe.

But the man they’re wanting to pair her up with? A huge pro-ball player with more muscles than brains, and she is not interested.

So, she turns to her best friend for help.

Martin Zedler is on the receiving end of some match-making of his own. He is equally uninterested.

Blakley’s proposition that they pretend to be interested in each other to foil the romantically inclined efforts of her parents seems like a good idea. Until a well-meaning do-gooder enters them into Mistletoe’s annual Christmas Kissing Contest.

When they’re crowned the winners, the town goes on a crusade to catch them kissing every chance they get.

How will their friendship ever survive?

©2020 Jessie Gussman (P)2021 Jessie Gussman
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