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Beautiful Demise あらすじ・解説

Lossyn Tyler was an all-star cheerleader with a promising future, until she is involved in accident that claims the life of her best friend. Suffering from physical and mental anguish, Lossyn is prescribed narcotics to ease the pain. 

Her life changes drastically causing issues within her once close knit family. Unable to cope with her home life, she turns to her new "friends", who she meets during her time on the West Side of Wilmington, also known as "Down Bottom". 

Lossyn is drawn her into a world that she never knew existed and she loves it. She falls head of heels in love with Kaimel "The General" Denton. 

Will Lossyn be able to shake her demons and follow the correct path, or allow them to drag her deeper to the pits of her own personal hell? 

©2017 Katchan Reid (P)2021 Katchan Reid
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