Bunny Elder Adventures

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Vain Pursuits あらすじ・解説

Romantic Italy, home of gondolas, art, pasta, pizza, and peril!

Bunny Elder and her sister take a dream trip to romantic Italy. Will these innocents abroad find their travel experience enchanting, exciting or entirely alarming? What souvenirs will the sisters bring home...if they return, at all?

This second book in the Bunny Elder series, a B.R.A.G. Medallion award winner, finds Bunny flying off to romantic Italy as traveling companion to her newly widowed sister, Dolly Parton look-alike Linda. She never suspects this trip to add a special Neapolitan nativity set to her sister's collection will include smugglers, Italian mobsters, kidnapping, and death.

Can even an unexpected reunion with her first love prevent this dream trip from becoming Bunny's worst nightmare?

©2013 J B Hawker (P)2016 J B Hawker
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