Blood Wisp

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Blood Wisp あらすじ・解説

A young woman struggling with her Shadow. A bloodthirsty demon fighting for control. Neither prepared to lose against the other.

The country of Midoka embraces magic, also known as the gift. Its most powerful order of sorcerers, the Mist Women, teach novices at the coven in Maishi Hou, and their graduates serve as expert advisors all over the world. Magic is every Midokan’s undeniable birthright.

Except for Yua. An unwilling resident at the Maishi Hou coven, she can’t call forth the smallest flame. 

Her only childhood memory is soaked in blood. The only hint as to who—or what—she is lies in her blackened veins.

But they also hide a shadow thirsting for blood, and even the leading Mist Woman fears it.

All her life, Yua has fought her Shadow…until she meets Aza, who says there’s no darkness without light.

Yua is done being scared of herself, but embracing her Shadow could kill everyone. If she tries, she could lose herself forever….

Or she could answer its whispers and become something new.

©2021 Sarina Langer (P)2022 Sarina Langer
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    • 著者: Sarina Langer
    • ナレーター: Adriene Arce
    • 再生時間: 8 時間 20 分
    • 配信日: 2022/08/31
    • 言語: 英語
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