Asphalt Warrior Series

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The Asphalt Warrior あらすじ・解説

Introducing Denverite Brendan Murphy, or "Murph" as he is known to the rest of the world. He lives alone in his crow's nest apartment, fries a hamburger for every meal, does his dish, then channel surfs for reruns of Gilligans Island. He is a radical minimalist. He strives to earn no more money as a driver for Rocky Mountain Taxi Company than his needs require. 

He is determined to stay out of the lives of those he transports. He struggles with one issue and is spectacularly bad with the other. 

The Asphalt Warrior is the first of eight novels published to date. Come prowl the mean streets of Denver with Murph and ponder the meaning of the world and all sorts of deep questions, such as: Why would anyone want to DO anything?

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