Alex Penfield

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Ruckman Road あらすじ・解説

To solve an eerie murder, one detective must break a cardinal rule: Never let the case get personal....

Alex Penfield's gunshot wounds have healed, but the shock remains raw. Working the beat could be just what the detective needs to clear his head. But when a corpse washes up on the Chesapeake Bay, Alex's first case back could send him spiraling....

As Penfield and his partner examine the dead man's fortress of a house, an army of surveillance cameras takes the mystery to another level. When the detective sees gruesome visions that the cameras fail to capture, he begins to wonder if his past has caught up with him. To solve the murder, Penfield makes a call on a psychic who may or may not be out to kill him....

His desperate attempt to catch a killer may solve the case, but will he lose his sanity in the process?

Ruckman Road is the start of a new paranormal mystery series featuring Detective Alex Penfield. If you like supernatural whodunnits, gripping action, and heroes with a troubled past, then you'll love Robert W. Stephens' twisted tale. 

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