A Father Thomas Medieval Mystery

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A Confessional Tale あらすじ・解説

Politics, religion, and international intrigue paint a gripping portrait of England in the months prior to the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, but in a book where there are no pure ideals, perfect heroes, or irredeemable villains, history becomes personal.

Schism splits the Catholic Church, a teenaged king sits on England’s throne, John Wycliffe protests, Piers Plowman complains, Geoffrey Chaucer tells tales. But closer to the ground, on Halloween night at St. Michael’s Church in St. Albans, a walking corpse confesses to Vicar Thomas Bell. At least, that is how the priest imagines the shadowy figure, reeking of death, who crouched behind the screen. A crime in St. Albans reveals layer upon layer of wider misdeeds and their consequences.

©2017 Carol N. Creitz (P)2020 Carol N. Creitz
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