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『Young Blood: The Complete Trilogy』のカバーアート

Young Blood: The Complete Trilogy

著者: Andrew Barrer
ナレーター: Lauren Ezzo,MacLeod Andrews,David de Vries,Preston Butler III,Dara Rosenberg,Emily Woo Zeller,Vico Ortiz


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¥ 2,200 で購入



It’s a miracle. The fountain of youth discovered flowing through the veins of postmillennials. In idyllic planned communities, freed from adulting and student loans, the young can live in guilt-free organic luxury. All it costs them is a weekly blood donation to extend the lives of their privileged elders. But prices are going up. There’s much more to the utopian Sunset Consortium than anyone realizes in this chilling trilogy. 

Young Blood
Youth wasted on the young? Not in this provocative, darkly comic short story of cold-blooded dreams by the cowriter of Ant-Man and the Wasp

In the near future, older generations can reverse the aging process through weekly transfusions while, far removed from the realities of the outside world, aimless postmillennials or “blood chickens” can live a life of guiltless bliss in idyllic youth farms. Among the first wave of volunteer donors are Billy Cantor and Frankie Halifax, who quickly bond over their dream paradise. What’s not to love? Wine tastings, parties, yoga, and all the organic avocados they can eat. Best of all: not a single care in the world until their thirty-fifth birthdays. Then Billy and Frankie discover a few cracks in nirvana. And the reality that awaits them is the furthest thing from what they imagined. 

Blue Dog
Their captivity was traumatizing. And draining. But revenge is in the blood for a group of brave survivors in this chilling short story of conspiracies and youthful pleasures gone awry.

Postmillennials thought they would find paradise on Luna Farm, and its sister enclaves, Europa, Crescent, and Blue, in exchange for a weekly bloodletting of their medicinal plasma - a precious corrective to aging. But in this isolated utopia, Billy Cantor stumbled into a nightmare. When his rebellious crew stages a desperate attempt to liberate their fellow harvested youths, they end up on a crash course with one caged young man who could be their savior or destroyer. Will deliverance have a price too?

Crescent Moon
The protected escapees of the blood-farm experiments are free, secure, and set for life. Kind of. Because there’s something new to fear in this short thriller, the twisting finale of the Young Blood Trilogy.

Billy Cantor and fellow survivors of the Sunset Consortium are under witness protection in luxurious seaside condos at Rockaway Beach. Sign the contract, keep quiet, and stay safe. All copacetic until an anonymous whistleblower from Crescent Farm threatens to violate the NDA, risking their newfound paradise - and their lives. To ferret out the reckless informant, Billy must wind through a deepening conspiracy. This time it could be inescapable.

©2020, 2021 by Andrew Barrer. (P)2019, 2021 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., all rights reserved.


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  • 2023/09/26

Loved the Cadence of Blue Dog

Blue Dog really stuck out to me, especially the writing and performance of The Last Prayer of Eli Sweetly. Nods to House of Leaves, Brave New , I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream.