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『Wildest Dreams』のカバーアート

Wildest Dreams

著者: Kristen Proby
ナレーター: Jason Clarke, Maxine Mitchell


¥6,000 で購入

¥6,000 で購入



From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all-new Small Town, Single Dad, Brother’s Best Friend, Cowboy romance.

Ryan Wild thought he had everything he could ever want. A billionaire before thirty, he’s finally moved back home to Bitterroot Valley, built a beautiful house on his ranch, and has recently adopted a teenage boy that has brought nothing but joy into his life. The only thing that’s been missing is the feeling of Polly in his arms since their incredible night together months ago. Memories of her touch aren’t nearly enough to satisfy him, and Ryan will do anything he can to make her his.

Polly can’t forget the one night she spent with Ryan all of those months ago, but she understood that it was a one-time deal. Yes, she still thinks about the sexy billionaire cowboy and his strong arms wrapped around her, but she’s a busy woman, with a thriving clothing shop and a group of friends that keep her on her toes. When you add in a house that always needs repairs, Polly’s days and nights are completely full. But when Ryan starts coming around, tempting her with that killer smile, heated bedroom eyes, and generous gifts, how is she supposed to stay away from him?

Polly knows how important the bond between father and son is and feels guilty for taking some of Ryan’s attention away from Jake, especially when Ryan whisks her away to Paris for the romantic vacation of her dreams. And just when the three of them start to settle in together, where Polly, Jake and Ryan start to feel like a family, she starts getting warnings and prank phone calls. Someone wants to come between them and their growing relationship.

The love they share is beyond their wildest dreams, but when danger lurks, will they be torn apart forever?

©2024 Kristen Proby (P)2024 Ampersand Publishing, Inc.

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