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Where They Were Then

著者: Scott Reiss
ナレーター: Scott Reiss, Kenny Mayne, Scott Van Pelt, Heidi Watney, Stan Verrett, Neil Everett, Dari Nowkhah
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An uninspired mortgage broker gets an entry-level job at a cable start-up, lands the interview of a lifetime, and ultimately becomes one of the most famous sportscasters in America.

A broadcaster spent his early career making meals for minor-league players and washing jock straps. Now, he is an MLB play-by-play man with three World Series rings.

A longtime DJ finally gets his chance to do TV sports, and his New Year's Eve debut was such a disaster he thought his career was over before it began. Now, he's one of ESPN's longest-tenured anchors.

Those are just three of the amazing backstories highlighting these 15 famous sportscasters: Scott Van Pelt, Kenny Mayne, Trey Wingo, Heidi Watney, Stan Verrett, Neil Everett, John Buccigross, Andy Katz, Kevin Corke, Jaymee Sire, Scott Reiss, Dari Nowkhah, Steve Bunin, Bill Pidto, and Dave Flemming. There has never been an audiobook with so much TV sportscasting talent inside it. But even better than the people in the audiobook... are the stories they share.

Where They Were Then: Sportscasters brings you 15 unique, hilarious, and inspiring stories of how TV's top sportscasters went from nowhere to the national spotlight. Be shocked and amazed by what your favorite sportscasters had to endure early in their careers. Be inspired by the doubts, fears, and hurdles they overcame en route to the top. Above all, be entertained by anecdotes delivered in the unique styles of some of the nation's most talented broadcasters. Some were fired. Most considered other jobs or careers. But all put in the hard work and pushed forward.

Where They Were Then: Sportscasters highlights the determination, the struggle, and the one or two pivotal decisions each broadcaster made that helped him or her become the best in the business.

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