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“I knew if I got rid of the competition, I’d be number one again...”

For happily ever after, Michael and Priscilla must first survive the wrath of Amber.

Twenty-seven-year-old freelancer Amber Holland expected marriage, but got dumped instead. Devastated, she finds herself alone, 10 years into a committed and treasured relationship. Michael Frost - the only man she's ever loved - has fallen under the spell of one Priscilla Bauer - the gorgeous granddaughter of a Hollywood legend - leaving Amber shocked and unable to move on. 

Feeling used up, abandoned, and consumed with shame, Amber turns to someone who owes her big time - the only person equally committed to getting Michael back where he belongs.

But when the stakes are miles high, how far can you go before risks obliterate rewards? 

When the Bee Stings is a riveting tale that explores the bone-crushing depths of a woman scorned and the undeniable power of true love. 

From the number one best-selling author of The Great Pretender comes the shocking conclusion of the Favorite Things Trilogy. In When the Bee Stings, deep passions and bitter vengeance collide as the razor-sharp love triangle that began with Raindrops on Roses slices to an electrifying conclusion.

©2017 Millenia Black (P)2020 Millenia Black


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