『When Dad Got Scared: A Child’s Guide to Adults After Trauma』のカバーアート

When Dad Got Scared: A Child’s Guide to Adults After Trauma

著者: Leo David DeBroeck
ナレーター: Marck Thomas Wilder
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Trauma effects every part of a person, including the relationships they have with children. When anyone close to a child, especially a parent, has been affected by trauma it can be toxic, harmful, and overwhelmingly stressful for the child to not understand it. Part of healing from any kind of trauma is understanding it.

This audiobook aids young children who need to heal from the effects of trauma of those close to them. It teaches young children that even though there can be volatility of adults after trauma they are still loved and cared for by the adult. This audiobook shows that healing from trauma can take a lot of work and time, but it is possible. It builds resiliency for the child to be able to understand how others can heal.

This audiobook is not meant to be a stand alone or a replacement for being able to talk with the child about trauma in themselves or adults. It is intended to open conversation up for them to feel safe enough to ask questions. I want to encourage adults to go through this together with the child and take pauses to discuss and answer questions.

Everyone wants our children to grow up feeling safe and loved which means we must be able to show our children how to handle feelings of insecurity and emptiness, trauma. Children are constantly trying to make sense of the world around them. This audiobook shows them a view of trauma that makes sense to them and instills the view that the world is a safe place to be in.

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