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Falling back to Earth.... 

Brandt Wills tried to prevent a final cataclysmic war between Terra and Luna. He failed. Now he’s falling back to the totalitarian world of his birth, but he’s not alone. With advanced cybernetics, the AI computer ghost of Sharron, and a partly-tamed alien symbiont, he might even have a chance. All he has to do is land behind enemy lines, fight his way into the fortress-towers of the State of Terra, and find the location of the hidden laboratories of Singularity before the final war wipes all life from two worlds. 

Oh, yeah, then he has to break into one of the hidden laboratories to find out what’s inside of him and how to get it out. If that’s even possible. Not only are the laboratories hidden, though, they are also well defended by troops armed with rail guns, plasma weapons, and self-propelled grenades. And those are just the weapons Brandt knows about.

And if all of that wasn’t difficult enough, he’s now on the radar for the other players in the system. Venus would love to control him, and Saturn and Jupiter are moving forces into place to capture him. Will Brandt be able to unlock the mysteries of the alien symbiont in time, or will he become just another science experiment for Singularity or one of the planets?

©2020 David Hallquist (P)2021 David Hallquist

Warrior: Interfaceに寄せられたリスナーの声


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  • banebadboo
  • 2021/12/27

I'm out!

With 4 hours left I just can't take it anymore! The main character seems to spend most of the time being knocked out. After this last time I wanted to knock myself out.