• Walls: Why Racism and Sexism Don't Matter...As Much

  • 著者: Josh Nsangi
  • ナレーター: Joe Wosik
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『Walls: Why Racism and Sexism Don't Matter...As Much』のカバーアート

Walls: Why Racism and Sexism Don't Matter...As Much

著者: Josh Nsangi
ナレーター: Joe Wosik


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Are our political leaders the only ones significantly shaping the course taken by our post-modern civilizations? Now, more than ever, the notion of “puppet leaders”, although extreme, and somewhat inaccurate, is often the go-to concept, for the frustrated working-class person, who not only lost his/her job but likewise their life-long savings, in an economic crash, of which, little responsibility was theirs in bringing about.

In Walls, although the author alludes to elite-rule, both political and socioeconomic in kind, he shies away from economic and financial jargon for his explanations, instead relying on anthropological, historical and sociological approaches. The book attempts to illustrate that the frictions within factions in society, between whites and non-whites, men and women, are resultant from wealth disparities within the society, or rather, that, it boils down to jealousy on one side and greed on the other. Thus, the author paints a vivid sketch of how notions of racial, as gender antagonisms, can be attributed to the inherent exploitative methods of rule, by the political, ‘power’ and socioeconomic elites. 

This rule is made possible by the initial disparities of wealth, which, over time, and when subjected to concerted efforts of "game rigging" by several actors, engenders power.  

A few of the topics covered:  

  • What is - and is not - race? 
  • What is - and is not - racism?  
  • Race, racism, and inequality
  • Postmodern feminism: some of the theory and its limitations  
  • Power 
  • Hegemony 
  • Propaganda and perceptions 
  • Democracy promotion
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