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Have you always wanted to try keto but didn’t know where to start? Does keto sound exciting to you, but you’re worried about ethical food consumption? Do you want to know the science behind keto and the ethics behind veganism?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Vegan Keto is the book you’ve been looking for. Madison Green takes us through the groundbreaking world of the vegan keto movement and shows us how to channel the powerful science behind keto all the while maintaining our ethical consumption of food. She breaks down veganism and the ketogenic diet to their fundamentals and teaches us how to combine them into a super diet.

In Vegan Keto you will learn:

  • What exactly the ketogenic diet is
  • The difference between veganism and vegetarianism and how they apply to keto
  • Why you should participate in the vegan keto diet
  • The side effects and numerous health benefits of a ketogenic diet
  • How to succeed at any level of the ketogenic diet
  • A two-week meal plan complete with keto vegan snacks and desserts

If you’ve been looking for a book to radically change your life and challenge your preconceived notions about diets and ketogenics, then you’re just one click away. Learn how the ketogenic diet is being used to fight heart disease and cancer. Discover a wide array of delicious vegan keto recipes to keep you satisfied every day of the week. And achieve a brand new philosophy towards your food and towards yourself!

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