• The Whole Business of Beans

  • How to Make Coffee Your Business
  • 著者: Stella Perry
  • ナレーター: Shannon Lynne
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『The Whole Business of Beans』のカバーアート

The Whole Business of Beans

著者: Stella Perry
ナレーター: Shannon Lynne


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Do What You Love

You’ve probably heard the expression “Do what you love, and you’ll never work hard.”

And you probably love coffee, too.

In The Whole Business of Beans: How to Make Coffee Your Business Stella Perry teaches listeners how to incorporate your love of the bean into a thriving coffee-centric business.

Learn How to Select, Roast, and Brew Your Own Perfect Blend of Coffee

Our tastes in coffee vary from person to person. Everyone is looking for the best cup of coffee, from lattes and cappuccinos to French press and drip-brew. Author Stella Perry prepares the listener for a career in coffee with a walk through different types and preparations of coffee, including tips you should always keep in mind to make the perfect cup.

You Could Own Your Very Own Coffee Shop

There are many different types of professions in the world of coffee. You may prefer to be a roaster and develop tasty blends. Or, you might be interested in opening your own cafe. Author Stella Perry takes listeners step-by-step through planning the coffee shop of your dreams.

Your Elevated Coffee Career Is Waiting

The Whole Business of Beans: How to Make Coffee Your Business combines two of “cafe expert” Stella Perry’s most influential texts.

Roasting, Brewing, and More: How to Enjoy Coffee Beyond Your Morning Routine offers listeners insight into what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

From a Great Dream to Grand Opening: How to Start Your Very Own Coffee Shop shows listeners all the steps involved when starting your very own coffee shop or cafe.

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