『The Ultimate No-No 2』のカバーアート

The Ultimate No-No 2

著者: Tamika Newhouse
ナレーター: Deidra Duhart


¥2,500 で購入

¥2,500 で購入



The famed characters from The Ultimate No-No are back and are still searching for love.

The scam Nitrah and Dahlia created was just the beginning of their heartaches. Now time has passed, and the ladies are back for round two. Nitrah has decided to move on with her life and even took a new step in her career, but as soon as she moves on, Troy comes back to Fort Worth. Not only does Nitrah face Troy, she also will face the past when Michael is back to start a committed relationship with her. She is now torn between the two, and you want to believe who she chooses.

Jazzaray and Tim are now married. But, aren’t you supposed to be living the happily ever after. Well that isn’t the case when Jazzaray and Tim both face so many turmoil that they will be tested in some of the most difficult ways. Now, Monica who turns out to be a predator for married men will make it her mission to make Tim all hers. Will Tim and Jazzaray’s relationship survive or did they jump the broom too soon. Finally, will Dahlia find true love with the man who got away? Can she finally let go of the past with Troy? Things for her becomes worse before it gets better, and as you expect for her to finally get her prince charming, her life takes an unexpected twist that you will be shocked to see how it all ends. Are all her sister's secrets really out of the closet? 

Can these women finally find true love and stop playing with people's hearts? They will all come face to face with their problems in their final moments, and in the end, they must make a choice and having no regrets in the end. It’s now or never!

©2009 Tamika Newhouse (P)2021 Tamika Newhouse

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