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I'm just not into guys my own age. They're too immature. Too juvenile. That's why I'm a senior in college and still a virgin. I have no interest in giving myself away to some frat boy. I'm waiting for a real man - a man like Dr. Nicholas Adler. 

He's the top-rated plastic surgeon in Boston and one of the city's most eligible bachelors. Between his rugged good looks, razor-sharp wit, and highly successful career, Dr. Adler leaves little to be desired. Every woman in Boston wants a piece of him. So imagine my surprise when he takes an interest in me.

After my twin sister was disfigured in an accident, I brought her to see the highest-rated surgeon in the city. Nicole deserved the best and Dr. Adler was well-known for his unmatched surgical skills. But he also had a reputation for being quite the Don Juan. The doctor was rumored to have hooked up with just about every attractive woman in Boston. 

When he first asked me out to dinner, I didn't know what to think. Am I just another conquest? Another potential notch in Dr. Adler's belt?

It didn't take long before the doctor swept me off my feet, blowing my mind in every possible way. He made me feel safe, yet adventurous. Smart, yet silly. And he played my body like a finely-tuned instrument. 

But was Dr. Adler playing me? Was I actually special to him? Or was I just another random girl to have a little fun with before tossing aside and moving on to the next one? 

The Surgeon is a 65,000-word steamy romance novel with lots of dirty goodness, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after!

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  • 2022/04/20

I’m Sorry…but horrible (Mostly Narration)

I’ve done 2 reviews in the 2 years I’ve been with Audible and I gotta say this one left me just shaking my head. First off and the most important in my opinion is Sierra Klines narration its horrible!! She is so breathy and over the top cheesy (like she doesn’t stop smiling while she’s doing the recording). It made the heroine sound ditzy but it just made it cringe worthy till the end unfortunately. Now for the actual story, if your in a relationship for 5 years why are you still referring to your significant other as (the Doctor) all the time. If I could stand to listen to this book again i would be interested to know how many times she says (the Doctor or Dr. Adler) Drinking game worthy definitely. I swear she only called him Nicholas maybe 3-4 times during 1 conversation. Then we have the comments during the sexy times that have me saying “what the hell…eww” out of the blue in the Target self checkout line. That got some weird looks. Example: ( Give me 5ml’s of your hot *** stat Dr. Adler) 🤦🏻‍♀️ but hey everyone’s got their thing I guess. The book probably would have been better with a different narration but the repetitive names was so noticeable it got old fast.