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Unfortunately, most of our modern-day teachings on this most important doctrine are misleading, to say the very least. Bill Vincent has studied for years and now is releasing his findings in this book The Rapture.

 A careful scrutiny of the Scriptures will reveal the truth about the second coming of Christ, which we generally refer to as "the rapture". In The Rapture, he has set out to correct the most obvious errors of the pre-tribulation doctrine and to establish the basic foundation for understanding the truth of the matter.

Great care is taken to follow the guidelines of Scripture and the Biblical basis of doctrinal interpretation, precept upon precept, and line upon line. This is the only method of interpretation used in the The Rapture. Since God himself revealed his method of understanding doctrine, it is believed by the author to be the best method to use. Therefore, with Bible in hand, follow along with the Scriptures quoted, and see if you don't find truth in this audiobook.

In The Rapture, Bill answers questions that many do not know the answers to. Be open and allow this pause-resister to open up the biggest controversial subject of the rapture of Jesus Christ. If you are a lover of truth, you will enjoy this very basic presentation of Biblical facts concerning the doctrine of the "gathering together" of Christ's saints unto himself.

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  • grammyhelps
  • 2020/09/03

Good content but was hard to listen to.

The reader has a very growly scratchy voice that is hard to understand and harder to listen to. It's too bad because the content is really good but I just had a hard time listening!