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The Power of Perception: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and the Gender Divide serves as a practical guide to educate women, men, and organizations on the barriers that keep women from fully contributing in the workplace. These include differences in leadership style and emotional intelligence, gender bias and stereotypes, breadwinner and caregiver responsibilities, and differences in gender culture that show up every day at work and home.

The Power of Perception also explores significant changes in global demographic trends and how our youngest generations are impacting the workplace. The Power of Perception clearly illustrates the reasons that we don’t see more women leading our global businesses. It has nothing to do with women’s skills and competencies and everything to do with perceptions of women as leaders, as workers, as mothers, and as wives.

These perceptions have a significant impact on promotion for many women. Perception is reality - and it’s powerful. The Power of Perception provides personal stories of women’s journeys and real-world examples and is based on the author’s own research as well as that of many others. Every chapter includes practical, easy-to-apply strategies, summary points, and reflection questions to empower women, men, and organizations to fully leverage talent and diversity.

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  • 2019/07/03

A smart, accessible "must read" on a timely topic!

I loved this book and I'm enjoying the audio version read by the author even more! It's a fascinating read on "The Power of Perception" - an issue that affects us all in some profound personal or professional ways at various times in our lives. We hear a lot of political and social rhetoric about the great strides we've made towards equality in this country, and, yes, things have progressed, but the facts, first-person anecdotal experiences, and various research studies don't fully support that rosy narrative. Or, maybe more to the point, we still have a long way to go. And the good news is that Dr. Andrews has some practical, real-time suggestions for advancing these important efforts on a local/personal level as well as in social and professional settings.

The audio format is particularly great because you can hear the passion and earnestness of the author's work in this space. Her approach and style make these daunting concepts and statistics digestible - even entertaining - for the average reader/listener. She manages to reference relevant research in a way that establishes legitimacy, yet it feels as inviting and engaging as a conversation over coffee with a friend...which is saying a lot for a topic that often triggers controversy or defensiveness.

I had the privilege of hearing the author present on this topic in person (which prompted me to get the book), and she really brings these issues to life in a meaningful, compelling and empowering way. Well done!