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The Naturopathic Approach to Fertility offers empathy for every couple's pain and frustration, along with natural healing wisdom. Each of the 10 intimate issues is treated in a separate chapter, beginning with a clear, concise explanation of the health challenge and its possible causes. Then for each condition, couples will receive a comprehensive natural therapy program - including herbal supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle habit changes, and more - that Dr. Julissa recommends.  

Like every responsible health professional, Dr. Julissa knows it's not possible to customize a specific treatment regimen for general listeners; for any patient, effective healing requires a thorough in-person checkup and in-depth personal evaluation. She does, however, share loving, powerful and inspiring testimonials from her patients, couples who credit Dr. Julissa's recommended natural therapies and guidance with overcoming their reproductive and sexual health challenges, achieving the dream of having the baby they so longed for, and enriching their lives with vitality, self-confidence, and joy.

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  • Une cliente
  • 2018/12/21

Blatant charlatanism

She starts by boasting an 100% success rate, which anyone struggling with fertility knows it's impossible. A while later, she lists "zinc" as an herb (wtf?). But what made me mad was when she tells a story of a 40 year old woman who couldn't conceive her 3rd child, and her diagnosis was that she needed to forgive her husband for cheating on her with her friend and getting her pregnant with twins. As soon as she forgave him and asked forgivenesse for being mad, she got pregnant! I wanted to throw my phone from the balcony.