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『The Keeper of Happy Endings』のカバーアート

The Keeper of Happy Endings

著者: Barbara Davis
ナレーター: Robin Siegerman, Hope Newhouse


¥3,800 で購入

¥3,800 で購入



“Historically sound with a thread of supernatural intrigue, this exploration of shared experiences, learned adaptations, and the power of trust is a book that fans of Catherine Ryan Hyde, Erica Bauermeister, and Lucinda Riley will fall in love with.” (Booklist)

“This intriguing novel is magically woven together with sorrow, surprises, and happiness, just like the wedding gowns of ‘The Dress Witch’.” (Historical Novel Society)

“Davis’s tale of love and loss, expertly woven around the lives of two women who have nothing - and yet everything - in common, inspires hope that our own happy endings might be biding their time, ready to show up when and where we least expect them. The Keeper of Happy Endings is a perfect blending of romance and mystery with a sprinkling of magic - heartwarming and satisfying. Don’t miss it!” (Kerry Anne King, best-selling author of Whisper Me This and Everything You Are)


An enchanting novel about fate, second chances, and hope, lost and found, by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of The Last of the Moon Girls.

Soline Roussel is well schooled in the business of happy endings. For generations her family has kept an exclusive bridal salon in Paris, where magic is worked with needle and thread. It’s said that the bride who wears a Roussel gown is guaranteed a lifetime of joy. But devastating losses during World War II leave Soline’s world and heart in ruins and her faith in love shaken. She boxes up her memories, stowing them away, along with her broken dreams, determined to forget.

Decades later, while coping with her own tragic loss, aspiring gallery owner Rory Grant leases Soline’s old property and discovers a box containing letters and a vintage wedding dress, never worn. When Rory returns the mementos, an unlikely friendship develops, and eerie parallels in Rory’s and Soline’s lives begin to surface. It’s clear that they were destined to meet - and that Rory may hold the key to righting a forty-year wrong and opening the door to shared healing and, perhaps, a little magic.

©2021 by Barbara Davis. (P)2021 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., all rights reserved.

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