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The Impossible Mile

著者: Johnny Agar, Becki Agar
ナレーター: Mike Gallagher, Scott Van Pelt
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“Johnny Agar is a true inspiration as a person and an athlete. Where most might see nothing but obstacles, he sees nothing but opportunities. Johnny’s commitment to pursuing his dreams and sharing his journey along the way is a tremendous gift to us all.” (Michael Phelps)

“In my lifetime, I have been able to interview some pretty fascinating people and covered a lot of life-changing stories. From traveling with England’s young royal family, to covering the growing nuclear threats in the hands of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. But...getting to interview Johnny Agar and his family...for ESPN’s E60 was a special moment for me. I got to witness a family who came together to help their son/brother realize a dream. What Johnny and Becki have written in The Impossible Mile captures the beauty of what it means to love unconditionally, no matter how difficult the journey." (Bob Woodruff)

"Johnny Agar's life story is an inspiration to me and all who know him. He sees every challenge as an opportunity, and his positive attitude and passion, combined with his faith, show us all that nothing is impossible.” (Kirk Cousins) 


An incredible story of Johnny Agar, born with cerebral palsy and whom doctors thought would never walk, overcoming the odds to compete in Ironman triathlons. Featured on ESPN, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and other media outlets, Johnny delivers a moving memoir that is a testament to the power of family, faith, and extraordinary courage.

In The Impossible Mile, told with candor and lightened with humor, Johnny shows what is possible time and time again. His story starts in a Michigan hospital, where he is born 11 weeks premature. An ultrasound reveals bleeding on his brain, and he is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a condition that hinders a person’s ability to control muscle movement. Doctors say he will likely have intellectual disabilities and that he will never walk. Despite the pending challenges, Johnny’s parents choose to raise their firstborn without limitations on his abilities. This decision would forever shape Johnny’s life, his enduring belief in himself, and his dreams.

Growing up, Johnny aspires to be an athlete like his father, Jeff, once a professional baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers organization. Sports is in the young boy’s blood - but how could he become an athlete? He can’t walk unassisted, and his muscles have a mind of their own. To give Johnny a taste of competition, the father and son start participating in 5K road races, with Jeff pushing Johnny in a modified wheelchair.

Until one day, Johnny has a bold idea. He will chase his dream - literally - of becoming an athlete by walking part of a race. More than just the few steps he has taken in therapy, he decides that to truly become an athlete he needs to go further. Assisted by his father, Johnny trains for his first impossible mile. What he doesn’t know is that his bold idea will do more than change just his life forever.

Johnny’s story shows the impact of a life lived to its fullest, from the first difficult steps in training, to becoming a brand ambassador for global apparel company Under Armour. He now serves as an inspiration for not only other professional athletes but for anyone facing their own impossible mile. Come walk a mile in Johnny’s shoes and realize, as Johnny did, you never walk alone, and anything is possible if you’ll just take on life one step at a time.

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