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『The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly』のカバーアート

The Hidden Life of Aster Kelly

著者: Katherine A. Sherbrooke
ナレーター: Emily Beresford


¥ 6,000 で購入

¥ 6,000 で購入



After winning a prestigious fashion-design contest in 1948, Aster Kelly flees the world of modeling in New York and arrives in Beverly Hills to claim her prize: a design apprenticeship with Fernando Tivoli. But Fernando has no such job available. He’s busily preparing for the opportunity of a lifetime—proving to Galaxy Studios that he is the perfect couturier for their A-list stars. The moment he meets Aster, though, he knows she’s the missing ingredient he needs and asks her to be his stand-in model for Lauren Bacall, promising to mentor her if he wins the contract.

Aster and Fernando quickly become entangled with Hollywood insiders—Aster with the head of Galaxy Studios, Fernando with up-and-coming star Christopher Page—and their friendship becomes essential as they navigate a glamorous and complicated existence where what’s real must often be hidden and no one is quite what they seem. As Aster’s ambitions grow and she faces a crisis and Fernando’s future is threatened by the judgmental Hollywood machine, Aster makes a decision that changes the trajectory of their lives forever.

Twenty-five years later, despite knowing little of her mother’s time in Hollywood, Aster’s daughter, Lissy, is poised to become a Broadway star. But when the musical gets off to a rocky start, Lissy makes a rash decision of her own in an attempt to save the show. And when long-buried secrets blindside them both, mother and daughter are forced to question everything they thought they knew.

©2023 Katherine A. Sherbrooke (P)2023 Dreamscape Media


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