• The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising an Anxious Child

  • How to Help Your Kids Overcome Shyness, Worry, Separation and Social Anxiety
  • 著者: Freeda Meighan
  • ナレーター: Stephanie Barry
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『The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising an Anxious Child』のカバーアート

The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising an Anxious Child

著者: Freeda Meighan
ナレーター: Stephanie Barry


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¥900 で購入



Learn the best way to talk to your kids and how to empower them to believe in themselves.

Is your child afraid of going out of the house? Is he having first school day jitters far too long? Does he cry whenever you drop him off at school? Does he clam up during recitations? Is he afraid of situations where there are a lot of other people? 

Your child may be experiencing separation and social anxiety symptoms. These children may also experience a lot of stress when they are thinking of engaging in situations where they have to interact with other people. And this can be quite a problem when they start going to school or develop friendships. If your child is also a highly sensitive child, the anxiety may even be more magnified.

This audiobook will help you understand your child's condition. I have my own experience of handling an anxious child. I have also experienced the difficulty of training my children in terms of developing social skills. This audiobook will help other parents with socially anxious children cope with this condition. 

In this audiobook, you will learn:

  • How social anxiety develops in children
  • Various anxiety symptoms your children may be suffering from
  • Potential threats to development that may affect your children in their adulthood
  • Perspectives and strategies on raising a socially anxious child
  • Powerful words to say to your children that will surely boost their confidence

Get this audiobook and you will feel more empowered in your parenting. Let me help you because I've been there and I don't want other parents to suffer alone. Raise your children with an understanding of their situation. Let this audiobook guide you as you raise your children to become resilient and confident just as they are.

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