• The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy Humans

  • Help Your Children Gain the Virtues They Need to Live a Good Life: The Empathic Parent's Guide, Book 3
  • 著者: Freeda Meighan
  • ナレーター: Christy Lynn
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『The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy Humans』のカバーアート

The Empathic Parent’s Guide to Raising Happy Humans

著者: Freeda Meighan
ナレーター: Christy Lynn


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¥1,900 で購入



Do you want to know what virtues can help you raise kind, confident, and happy children? Are you curious about how you are going to apply this in parenting?

What does virtue even mean?

Virtue, by definition, is a trait that is considered to be morally good. Humans acquire different virtues in every stage of their lives. Acquiring these virtues does not end in the adolescence stage. Even adults are on their quest to gaining these virtues without even realizing it - in other words, all humans, regardless of age. The good thing is, beginning from young adulthood, children have the capacity to think and decide on their own. They can process and learn from their experiences, so they have the ability to acquire important virtues without their parents' help. There are eight virtues that you will learn in this audiobook.

How is this going to affect your child?

Your children need you in the critical stages. Failure to gain a specific virtue at its critical stage is detrimental to gaining other virtues at the succeeding stages. They can stay in a particular stage for a longer period that is considered late for their age. Your children might exhibit poor behaviors or lack of confidence later in life. The issues that are not resolved in the past might affect their future. And your children could carry the negative traits into adulthood.

Depression, anxiety, racism, hatred, and a lot more are very common these days. What if these are all rooted in how people were raised? What if these are the results of people failing to acquire the virtues and positive values they should have learned in childhood?

How does this relate to happiness?

Happiness is just a byproduct of all the virtues that you will learn in this audiobook. Once your children leave your home, you can only give advice and support. Help your children grow into kind, confident, and happy humans. 

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